Canvas Transition Survey Results

November 6, 2017

By Vincent deVenoge, Clemson Online Educational Resources and Media Intern

Our Canvas transition survey featured 112 Clemson University faculty members representing each college. Canvas is new to Clemson University staff and faculty, even to 88% of those who also previously worked at another institution prior to coming to Clemson. This made the Canvas transition a new experience for the vast majority as we introduced this new system to the University.

We received largely positive feedback from informants related to the implementation of Canvas. 83% of participants agreed or strongly agreed they understood the timing of the University’s transition from Blackboard to Canvas, and 72% said they understood how the transition would affect their courses. Overall, 75% of the informants agreed or strongly agreed that the entire transition process was communicated effectively.

In regards to our online training and resources aiding our faculty and staff, 64% of the informants agreed or strongly agreed that it was helpful and informative. The majority of comments were positive in nature when asked about the quality of the interactions with Clemson Online. One participant commented, “I attended a Clemson Online-led training. It provided the information that I needed and answered my questions well enough for me to get started using Canvas.”

Clemson Online’s main purpose during this Canvas transition was to ensure that the process would be as seamless as possible for faculty and staff. Overall, an average of 70% of the survey participants described this process as smooth, easy, and understandable as opposed to bumpy, difficult, and frustrating.

Clemson Online has carefully read and understands both the critical and positive survey results and comments, and we thank those who took the time to complete this survey. The honesty in the survey allows us to assess the transition and evaluate ways we can improve our future faculty development offerings. Thank you for your participation!

To find out more about Canvas, join a self-paced course, or arrange for group training, visit the Canvas Training page.

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