Clemson Online Tips: How to Handle Your Cloud Storage

February 14, 2019

By Daniel Ramos



Here are tips and tricks about how to effectively store your media for your classes: 



  • For videos you should use Ensemble, which is our online media server that allows Clemson users to store and share media files. Ensemble content will embed directly into Canvas. Users can bulk upload up to 15 GB at a time.  
    • Access Ensemble here


  • For collaboration, use Google Drive, as it offers many application like documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, that multiple people can work on at once.  
    • Access Google Drive here


  • For large documents, powerpoints or sensitive files, use Clemson Box which can be linked or embedded within Canvas. Individual Box files cannot exceed 5 GB.  
    • Access Clemson Box here



For more information about how to handle your cloud storage click here

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