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April 15, 2019

map of the world with Introduction to International Virtual Exchange textInternational Virtual Exchange (IVE) provides culturally-rich, collaborative global learning experiences for students and can be incorporated into any class.

To empower faculty who wish to engage in IVE projects, the Office of Global Engagement and Clemson Online have collaborated to create an online Introduction to International Virtual Exchange (IVE) program, now available in Canvas.

This program provides online training to faculty and instructional staff interested in utilizing IVE activities for their courses, research, or other academic pursuits. After completing the program, participants will be able to understand what IVE is, create IVE appropriate content, navigate cultural challenges associated with IVE, and identify the technology best suited for their desired experience. The course is asynchronous and self-paced so participants may begin and end at their convenience.

Visit the Introduction to International Virtual Exchange course to join or by visiting

For questions about International Virtual Exchange, the course, or other global learning opportunities, please contact the Office of Global Engagement or Clemson Online’s IVE group.

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