Utilizing the Designer Role within Canvas

August 5, 2019

In Clemson University’s instance of Canvas, faculty in active classes can add someone to their course in the role of Designer. Roles are essentially collections of permissions set at the system level that cannot be modified. 

The Designer role can write and edit limited areas of course content, but not teach courses or grade student work. In addition, the Designer role can help faculty add and edit posts in the Discussions section of a course. Because of this, Designers can see LIMITED student information, including name and Discussion responses. The Designer role cannot see the People or Grades navigation options within a course. The Designer role is great if faculty are working with an instructional designer at Clemson Online or within their department. 

Faculty should take users into consideration before adding them to the Designer role within a course. Faculty should also ensure users added to this role have completed any required FERPA or departmental training before adding. Clemson Online staff complete FERPA training on an annual basis and receive Canvas training on updates and new features. If you need course design help, please consider reaching out to our team at

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