Follow Up Friday: Clemson Online Social Media

May 6, 2022

Clemson Online Social Media

We know social media can be polarizing, so why not follow our accounts to see fewer hot takes and more useful content? We’ve got resources, tips for teaching with technology, and much more. You can even connect with our team of professionals who care about teaching well. Our social media team led by Digital Learning Designer Rachel Greene delivers accessible, impactful content that will help you stay up to date on the latest online learning best practices. Below is a preview of just some of the content you can see when you follow Clemson Online on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Be sure to click the social media icons at the bottom of this post to start following today!


Screenshot of an Instagram post showing a young woman at a laptop with the text Myths about Online Learning

Click the image to see our Instagram page!

Instagram: Tech Tips and Teaching Tips

Tech Tips on Testing Your Tech in your class design so that you can find out more about the tools and technology you can use in your Canvas course!

Teaching tips on creating a writing diagnostic in Canvas




Collection of Icons representing Open Educational Resources (OER)

Click the image to see our Twitter feed!

Twitter: Sharing Updates and Posts

Updates about live training events, resources, team updates, and more!

Retweets on helpful topics from other educators, such as using Open Educational Resources or simple changes to help reduce student anxiety.




Screenshot of a Tech Tip about Canvas Inbox, with Axel Ruiz

Click the image to see our FB collections!

Facebook: Resource Collections

Our Facebook features Guides – collections sorted by topic and explained in a quick and easy to understand format.

You can also find our complete video playlists there, too!



In Case You Missed It

Faculty Resource Center Newsletter

Our Faculty Resource Center is a one-stop shop for you to access online teaching suggestions, tips, critical information, and best practices. Self-enroll in the FRC and you will receive a monthly newsletter on Clemson Online’s upcoming training sessions and events. This month’s Newsletter contains information on upcoming Kaltura training sessions as well as a Quick Hit on Camtasia ’22 updates.

Related Content from the Archives

For more information on Quality Matters (QM) reviews and how you can get your course reviewed, check out this post from the archives that breaks down what QM is. If you would like to submit your course for review, or you have any questions about the QM process, please contact Yamil Ruiz ( Clemson Online’s QM Coordinator.

Faculty Resources

Canvas Training

An orange banner with the Tiger Drinking Coffee logo and the word COFFEE

Click the COFFEE logo see our list of COFFEE courses where you can learn the basics of Canvas or Canvas-related topics such as accessibility and video creation.

Iced COFFEE – If you need a thorough training program to get you up-to-speed on using Canvas well, register for ICED COFFEE (May 16th – June 19th) for a directed learning experience by emailing!

Online Teaching Resources

White text reads: Faculty Resource Center. Orange tiger paw over purple background.


Click the logo to self-enroll in this Canvas site where you will have access to quick start guidesfor Canvas, Zoom, online testing resources, and much more!


Canvas and Online Teaching Support

Schedule a ConsultationWhether you would like guidance on how to use online learning tools or you would like guidance on best online teaching practices, you can meet with one of our expert staff who is ready to assist you when it fits your schedule.

Social Media

Stay in the know about upcoming training, teaching tips, and tech tips by following us!

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Blog Home


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