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Updated Secondary Nav Released

If you have not noticed by now, the updated Secondary Navigation is now available in the new redesign templates

** You will need to republish any and all sn-config files you may have in your redesign site to grab the updated structure.

A couple notes on this.

  1. We have extended the navigation to 3 levels instead of just 2.
  2. There is no limit on the amount of items in the 2nd or 3rd sublevels of the menu. HOWEVER, please be mindful of how long your menus get vertically filled with navigation items in regards to forcing users to have to scroll down to view the whole sub menu on smaller laptop screens. We are hoping that providing this extra level will allow everyone to take a second look at their site hierarchy and organize their material into a user friendly experience.
  3. A sub menu only kicks in if there are pages/folders (besides an index, sn-config, and options block) set to display in the nav, within the main folder at hand,
  4. The new structure removes having main level items as buttons, which forced these to be links in the submenu. A menu item that has a submenu now is directly linkable from that primary level it is on, no more need for duplicate text. A separate button still remains with only the Arrow within. This is left for accessibility purposes/functionality.
  5. Link text uses the Display Name field in the meta area of a page. There is a 70 characters limit on the nav item link text. This is NOT enforced on the Display Name field itself when entering text, but enforced on publish. PLEASE be mindful of this. If you Display Name is longer than 70 characters, it will get chopped. This limit should allow, still, a solid length of text, and keep your link text to no more than 3 lines.

Please publish, test your navigation, and let me know if you experience any issues or have any concerns.

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