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Align text around an image

Images can be placed either before or after your text has been added.

  1. Click inside the content region where the image will be placed. For example, if you would like the image to be in line with the top of the text, you will place your cursor before the first sentence.
  2. Choose the “Insert/Edit Image” icon  from the WYSIWYG editor.
  3. Choose the internal tab to insert an image from Cascade. You can also upload images to Cascade during the insert image process.
  4. Select the file icon to browse to the image folder.
  5. Select the image  and choose confirm.
  6. Add the alternate text for the image including “Clemson University, Clemson, SC” at the end of each entry.
  7. Do not enter anything in the width/height boxes since your image should already be sized correctly.
  8. Choose insert.

The image alignment styles are available from the WYSIWYG editor’s Styles drop down menu.

  1. Select the image you have placed on your page.
  2. Select the Styles drop down menu from they WYSIWYG editor’s top row.
  3. Select the left or right style.
  4. Submit the page.

The left and right styles automatically add the correct amount of vertical and horizontal spacing around the image so you don’t have to do anything extra to add that. The left and right styles do not however, add a border around the image. To add a border around your image you must edit the html.

  1. Take your page into edit mode
  2. Select the html button from the WYSIWYG toolbar to bring up the html editor
  3. Find the paragraph tag in front of the image tag – it should look like this: <p><img
  4. Edit the paragraph tag and insert the border information – it should look like this: <p><img
  5. Select the Update button to update the html
  6. Submit the page