Change page type

Page assets are associated with a set of configurations for each page type. The configuration set for the left navigation page type is different from the configuration set for the full page. To change the page type, the configuration set must be changed. Not all users in Cascade have a role that will allow them to change the configuration set of a page asset.

Contributors and Publishers:
Content managers who are in the Contributor or Publisher role do not have access to change the configuration set for the page assets they are building.

  • Copy the content from the current pageCreate a new page asset for the page type you desire
  • Paste the copied text into the content region of the new page asset
  • Enter the Display Name and Title
  • Enter a System Name
  • Submit
  • Delete the page asset you no longer need

Your site manager and the Office of Web Services can change the configuration set for you.


  • Choose Edit and select the System tab
  • Choose the Configuration Set link
  • Navigate to the configuration set you are changing to and select it
  • Confirm that you have chosen the correct configuration set
  • Submit