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Publishing best practices

You’ve used Cascade enough now to build some really great pages and you want to share them with the world. You can see your pages in Cascade, but how can you get them on the Web? Publishing out your pages in Cascade is very simple. If you have publish rights (sorry a Contributors, but you won’t even see a Publish option) then you too can share your incredible, stunning Web site with the world. How? Here’s how:

  1. First, make sure your user preferences (System/Preferences/User OR My Settings link on menu bar) are set so that you go to publish status page when you publish. That way you can see where your pages are in the queue compared to everyone else’s pages that are in the queue at the same time and you will know when your pages are live and can be viewed in your Web browser.
  2. Select your site folder from the asset tree.
  3. The list of assets in the folder will be displayed in the Content View window.
  4. Choose the Publish tab.
  5. The list of available destinations (the Web servers where your pages are saved) will be displayed in the Publish window.
  6. Choose your preferred destinations.
    1. The Clemson/HTML/Development server is where you publish to test your pages before showing them to the world. You can find your pages at http://wwwdev.clemson.edu/your-site (replace your-site with the name of YOUR site). You will have to log in with your Clemson employee userid and password to view the pages. Review every page on your Web site here first and fix anything that isn’t working right. You want your site to be PERFECT before you share it with the world.
    2. The Clemson/HTML/Production server is where you publish your perfect site for the world to see.
    3. The Clemson/HTML/Production Backup server is where you publish to create a backup of your perfect site. You should always publish to the Backup server when you publish to the Production server. That way if the Production server fails, an identical copy of your site can be restored from the Backup server.
  7. Generate a publish report message if you want Cascade to send you a report on the success of your publish job. You can check the message from your dashboard’s Message window.
  8. Make sure your Publish Mode is set to Publish.
  9. Choose the Submit button.
  10. Look for your pages in the Publish queue window and when they have made it all the way through the publish queue, view them in your Web browser.

Now do the happy dance – you just shared your incredible, stunning Web site with the whole world!