Web Services Blog

Naming Conventions

All new academic University URLs and sites created in Cascade will begin with http://www.clemson.edu/ followed by the college and department. From this root, you can determine what name to use. For example, http://www.clemson.edu/college/yournamehere. URLs are case sensitive and should be created with all lower-case letters.

To see existing URLs or to request a URL, see Redirect Services.

Requests for particular URLs are granted on a first-come, first-served basis, so check to see if the URL you desire is already in use. Only one URL will be created for any given website. Clemson University reserves the right to refuse requests for URLs.

Redirects on servers and aliases will be used to ensure that long-standing, published URLs point to the new location of sites. Departments housing sites outside of Cascade, and on their own servers, may choose to follow the same standardization of URLs. Within Cascade, managers of sites can create redirects for pages within their site. For help with this, contact Web Services at ows@g.clemson.edu.

Things to remember when naming a Web site:

  • Create a URL that will make sense to your users and will be easy to remember.
  • Use all lowercase letters for the file name.
  • Use dashes to separate multiple words.
  • Do not use spaces or non-alphabet symbols in your URL. (Numbers are okay to use.)
  • Keep it short!