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Web page required content

While content will vary from site to site, the presentation of the content should be consistent and support Clemson’s position as one of the top public universities in the country. Proper use of visual identity elements such as colors, logos and type fonts ensures that you are enhancing the Clemson brand. If you have questions about identity or branding and how it is to be implemented on the Web, please contact ows@g.clemson.edu.

Web pages created outside of Cascade are required to contain the following:

  1. Include the official masthead with a link to the Clemson University homepage and its other University-wide links (Map, Phonebook and hidden link Text Only) and optional A-Z Index, Calendar, University or Department Search.
  2. Include the official footer and its University-wide links (Website Information, Contact Clemson, University Index).
  3. Include contact information about who maintains the site, including name and email, department mailing information and phone number.
  4. Meet Section 508 accessibility compliance. For more information see the WebAIM Section 508 Checklist.
  5. Follow all copyright and intellectual property laws.
  6. If your site doesn’t meet these minimum requirements, a properly-branded landing page will be created for your www.clemson.edu/xxx URL. A link on this page will then point people to your site.