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Contact Module Widget Released

The new contact module is ready to implement on your pages.

**Remember, if you have used the module previously, you will have to update your pages to this new setup.

  1. Navigate to your widgets folder, then click “Add Content” in the top nav
  2. Navigate to Components > Widget.
  3. Select “Contact Module” from the widget type.
  4. Enter your desired data into the provided fields.
    1. These are the same fields in the previous set up, but your data will not be preserved from the previous setup.
    2. Recent updates to these fields were the abilities to toggle having either a custom link or a website contact and toggling on or off the social links.
  5. Save and Publish your new widget
  6. Next, navigate to your page and click “Edit”
  7. Scroll down towards the bottom of the editor window, and you will see a new group labeled “Widget Module Area”. See attached screenshot.
  8. Select Yes to display the area.
  9. Choose the recently made widget from the widget chooser.
  10. Repeat steps 6-9 per page as necessary.
  11. Publish your page/s.
    1. Once your page has this setup published once, publishing all your pages will not be required for each update. you will only need to edit and publish the widget for it to reflect updates across all the pages!

Only the Contact module widget will work here, the other widget types will not display here and only will display in the left column. And vise versa.  The contact module widget will not display in the left column. Warning messages will display on your page if you accidentally assign the wrong widget type to an area.

We hope you guys find this new addition helpful, useful, and easy to implement. Please reach out with any questions, concerns, or issues.

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