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Accessible Links on Web Pages

“Click here” and “read more” links should be updated immediately! Link text should be meaningful and make sense out of context. It should describe the purpose of a link and if linking to a download, also include the file type and file size, especially when it’s a large file that will require time to download.

  • The best approach is to write link text that describes the purpose of the link without the help of surrounding text wherever possible (level AAA requirement).  Otherwise, write link text that describes the purposes of the link with surrounding elements and including the information needed to clarify the link before the link.
  • Ensure link text is as short and concise as possible.
  • Avoid using “click here” or “read more” or any other phrases that are ambiguous or unclear. Also avoid using URLs for link text.
  • For links to email addresses, use the email address as the link text.
  • For links to documents and files, include the file type (e.g. PDF, Word) and the file size within the link text.
  • Meaningful links improves search engine ranking.
  • Ensure that links to the same location have are referred to consistently, or use the same link text.
  • Ensure that links to different locations do not use the same link text.