Meet the Staff: Lisa Jackson

October 4, 2021

Lisa Jackson is the Associate Director of Programs for Educational Enrichment and Retention, PEER. She joined the PEER & WISE team in 2014.

She is a proud alumna of Benedict College, one of the finest HBCUs in South Carolina, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Economics Business Administration. It was there she realized education was the tool she needed to change the world. Therefore, in May 2021 she received her MBA here at Clemson University to be the agent of change for her family, community and country.

She said one of her greatest achievements while in this role occurred in 2017; the program received an award from NAMEPA, Inc., the National Association of Multicultural Engineering Program Advocates. This award recognizes retention programs that have increased the participation of students from historically underrepresented (URM) populations in engineering. This accomplishment allowed PEER & WISE to join other prestigious public engineering research institutions. Subsequently, the morale and participation of engineering students at the university has vastly increased.

“My personal philosophy is to treat others as you want to be treated. Being kind to others costs nothing but can leave every place you travel and every individual you encounter better because of you. When I engage with PEER mentors, I use those moments as opportunities to plant and water seeds of wisdom, kindness, love and compassion. I believe with this mixture, we will make lifetime changes and eventually make this world a beautiful garden, a better place.”

What her co-workers have to say about her:

“Lisa has such a kind spirit, she is always willing to help and she’s a great leader to students in her care.” -Maegan Hinson

“Mama” Lisa is hardworking and loves our children, our Clemson students!” -Serita Acker

“I love to see Ms. Lisa in action! Whether she is working a room or supporting her students, Lisa puts heart into everything she does. She is a tremendous resource to me in stewarding our students and together, we can do anything! I am so thankful to have her as my colleague and friend!” -Beth Anne Johnson