Past Lab Members

4Bliss Altenhoff (Wilson) (PhD Graduate 2015)

Currently at Microsoft


Bliss is currently a Design Researcher for Microsoft in Seattle, WA. Bliss collects and synthesizes qualitative and quantitative data to help inform design decisions for Microsoft Office products, especially as it relates to mobile productivity. My goal is to better understand what drives human behaviors and how technology can address user’s needs and challenges.


Lindsay Long (PhD Graduated 2013)

Currently at Exponent (her profile)

Lindsay is currently a Scientist in the Human Factors Practice at Exponent, Inc. Her  specializations include visual and haptic perception, user-centered product design, multisensory display technologies, and specialized skill acquisition. Her research has focused on understanding the capabilities and limitations of perception as humans interact with their environments, even when they are located remotely, and on enhancing human performance through the use of multisensory displays and perceptual training.

Josh Gomer (PhD Graduate 2010)

Currently at SPAWAR and The Citadel


As the SPAWAR Atlantic Human Systems Integration (HSI) Lead Practitioner, Josh works diligenthly to include global Warfighters and other users in the development and acquisition of Department of Defense (DoD) systems. This is balanced by membership on the SPAWAR Atlantic Internal Review Board (IRB), the Science and Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) and competitively proposing and conducting unmanned systems (UxV) and multi-touch research and design.

The Citadel 
As an adjunct faculty member for the Citadel’s Graduate Program in Engineering Leadership and Program Management, Josh teaches a graduate level Human Systems Integration course. Professionals looking to achieve one of three certificates and/or their MS in Program Management are able to learn about the importance of human factors and applying user-centric design methodologies for improved cost, schedule and performance.

Coleman Dash (MS Graduated 2004)

Currently:Product Lead at ustwo


Previous Experience:

Senior Designer at Hailo 

Designer at Boeing


Lieutenant Colonel Chris Jenkins (MS Graduated 1999)

Currently with the U.S. Air Force Scientific Advisory Board

Chris Jenkins


Lt Col Chris Jenkins is currently serving as the Executive Director, Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. He is responsible for the Secretariat at Headquarters Air Force, which oversees 50 leading scientists and engineers.  They are directly tasked from the Secretary and Chief of Staff of the Air Force to perform in-depth reviews of Air Force science and technology programs and conduct major studies on topics deemed critical by the Air Force. His assignments have covered areas such as research and development, flight test, and acquisition program management.

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