Dear Faculty and Staff: Volunteers Needed

July 8, 2016

As we prepare to welcome our students back to campus next month, let’s remember that among them will be approximately 3,700 new students. These students are, in most cases, moving away from home for the very first time.
This year, depending on the residential community, new students will move in on Friday, August 12 or Saturday, August 13. Move-in day is stressful for students and their families.  They are often excited, but a little bit apprehensive, about what lies ahead. And, they bring a mountain of personal belongings that need to be unloaded and moved in!
You can help ease that burden and welcome these new members of the Clemson Family by joining the Clemson Home Volunteer Move-In Crew.  This Clemson tradition is a great help to these families and an affirmation of the caring nature of our community.
Each year, we hear from families who are surprised and thankful that faculty and staff would volunteer time to help them out.  Many cannot believe it.
We also hear from volunteers who thank us for providing an opportunity to help our students in this way. Volunteers are needed Friday, August 12 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. You may volunteer for any length of time.
If you would like to help welcome our new students, please contact Tracy Foss in University Housing & Dining by email (
Thank you for helping us continue this special Clemson tradition.
Go Tigers!!!
James P. Clements, Ph.D.


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