Saying These Things, by Ronald Moran

November 15, 2004

scanned_saying these things“Ron Moran’s poetry immediately leaps from the page to the feet and ankles of the reader’s experience. You’re on the sidewalk with his characters, you’re a flash dancer in his every scenario. He stole one of your monologues right out of your own phone conversation—how does he do that? Across the board, and no matter the particular style of the Moran day, his poems are the view across the street, the dinner beside you at the restaurant, and they are, if you were a poet, too, the outrageously creative language experience you wish you’d have in you.”

—Jennifer Bosveld, Pudding House Publications

“The book’s design is simple and handsome. The well-thorned rose on the cover complements the premonitory elegance of the poems themselves and the rich paper on which they’re printed. The Clemson Digital Press deserves praise for showcasing Moran’s work in a format worthy of its accomplishment.”

—Gilbert Allen

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