Woolf Editing / Editing Woolf, edited by Eleanor McNees and Sara Veglahn

April 15, 2009

bro018Woolf Editing / Editing Woolf focuses on Woolf as editor both of her own work and of the Hogarth Press, and on editing Woolf—on the conflation of textual and theoretical criticism of Woolf’s oeuvre. Since many contributors are editors, creative writers, and critics, contributions highlight the intersections of those three roles. The essays variously addressed the “granite” of close textual reading and the “rainbow” of theoretical approaches to Woolf’s writings. Several more flexible versions of editing emerge in the papers that discuss adaptations of Woolf to film, theatre, and music. Brenda Silver’s contribution in memory of Julia Briggs opens the volume, and James Haule’s contribution concludes it.

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