George B. Hartzog, Jr.: A Great Director of the National Parks Service, edited by Frank P. Sherwood

November 15, 2011

George-B-Hartzog-Jr-scanned“This is a book about a man who may have done more to give the parks their present character than anyone in their history.…

“As Sherwood confesses, there is so much in the large Hartzog arsenal of assets that it is difficult to identify a very few attributes that made him special. However, Sherwood sees Hartzog’s desire for further learning and growth as possibly his single greatest asset. While this zest for continued improvement was an important personal incentive, the crucial point is that Hartzog saw it as the means by which he could realize the full potential of his endeavors within the park service.”

—Lawrence R. Allen, Dean, College of Health, Education and Human Development

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