Women against Tyranny: Poems of Resistance during the Holocaust, by Davi Walders

November 15, 2011

Women Against Tyranny: Poems of Resistance during the Holocaust
tells the forgotten stories of women, from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds, who resisted throughout Europe during World War II.

Among these women of resistance are Dr. Rita Levi Montalcini, a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine; Dr. Roza Papo, the first female general in Tito’s army; Emilie Schindler, Oskar Schindler’s wife, who saved hundreds of people but was unacknowledged in Schindler’s List; and Magda Trocme, “mother” and leader of Chambon sur-Lignon, the French village which hid thousands of Jews and other refugees. These incredible women are just a few of the heroines populating the pages of Walders’ remarkable collection.

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