The Works of William Blake: Poetic, Symbolic, and Critical (1893), edited by Edwin Ellis and W. B. Yeats with an introduction by Wayne K. Chapman

April 15, 2014

wwb-300x450A facsimile edition in three volumes. 

Today, this classic of 1893 is still illuminating for the lifetime influence it had on one of its editors, W. B. Yeats, who became perhaps the twentieth century’s greatest poet in English and, like Blake, a visionary one, at that.

Presently, disparate parts of the book’s three volumes may be found on the Internet but not all three. This online facsimile is the first to present all three simply to advance inquiry on Yeats’s Blake. Professor Chapman’s introduction on Yeats’s collaboration with his father’s friend, Edwin Ellis, also a poet, is thus supplemented by illustrated accounts of selected materials in the W. B. Yeats Library (courtesy of the National Library of Ireland and the Yeats Estate), including Yeats’s own annotated copy of The Works of William Blake.

Preliminaries © Wayne K. Chapman (2014). All other content is in the public domain.

Download the full text of all three volumes here.

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