Rewriting The Hour-Glass A Play Written in Prose and Verse Versions by W. B. Yeats, edited by Wayne K. Chapman

April 15, 2016

Rewriting-the-Hour-Glass-scannedRewriting The Hour-Glass offers a new approach to the display and delineation of texts, visual aids, and published variants and presents for the first time a complete array of amendments that Yeats made in copies of the relevant editions that he had at hand. The edition brings together the play’s source from Lady Wilde, all of Yeats’s associated prefaces and notes, his lecture “The Reform of the Theatre,” and selections from contemporary reviews.

Key features include:

A scholarly introduction, providing critical context and inductive summaries about the play and its rewriting.

Easy-to-follow glosses to sources keyed in the lists of variants, and placed conveniently in relation to texts.

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