Healthy Tip of the Week: Farm Fresh Eggs

February 22, 2021

Basket of fresh eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs

Alta Mae Marvin, Clemson Extension Agribusiness Agent

Farm fresh eggs come in colors. They can be brown, tan, shades of green, and even blue, depending on the chicken’s type. Backyard chickens are trending in South Carolina, and they don’t just live in the country. Plenty of city dwellers are carving out backyard space to raise chickens. Chickens make exciting pets and provide a constant supply of fresh eggs.

The Benefits of Farm Fresh Eggs

  • The yolk of a fresh farm egg is typically richer in color and taste.
  • The yolk is creamier and doesn’t break as easily when cooked.
  • The shells of farm eggs are thicker and harder than those of store-bought eggs.
  • Farm fresh chickens spend their days outside soaking up vitamin D.
  • You will find that fresh farm eggs have less bad stuff, like cholesterol and saturated fat. They have more good stuff, like omega-3’s and Vitamins A, D, and E.
  • If you consume eggs from a free-range chicken that has eaten a healthy, more natural diet and been allowed to roam and exercise, then the bird is healthier and should pass that on to their eggs.

The Home & Garden Information Center has more information about fresh eggs in the post, Backyard Chickens & Their Eggs.

Additional Resources

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Simple Life of a County Wife offers information on their website on everything you want to know about farm fresh eggs.

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