Dawn Stuckey, 4-H Agent for Colleton and Hampton Counties

March 12, 2021

Dawn Stuckey is the 4-H Youth Development Agent for Colleton and Hampton Counties and the Hampton County Office Coordinator. She has been with Clemson Extension for the past five years. Dawn has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology (89) and Elementary Education (91) from Clemson and a master’s Degree in Classroom Technology Integration. She is also a National Board Certified Teacher. Before joining the Clemson Extension team, Dawn was a classroom teacher for more than 20 years. Although agents are trained to be proficient in all six 4-H program areas, she is part of the Science, Technology, and Engineering Committee. Dawn also has a background in environmental science. As the county 4-H Agent, she works with youth to build character and teach them skills to help them achieve future goals. Whether a chef or an Engineer, through 4-H, youth have an opportunity to explore multiple interests and career options. The best part of her job is to do something different every day and work with a diverse group of co-workers and participants. She gets to work with youth from all backgrounds and see the impact she has on their lives. Dawn’s favorite 4-H moment was when she returned to a school for a second visit, and a student yells, “She’s here! It’s Miss Kentucky!” She smiled and enjoyed the moment.

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