Jane McMaster -Administrative Assistant – Barnwell County

March 16, 2021

Jane McMaster joined Barnwell County Clemson Extension Service on October 24, 2016.

She received a degree in Secretarial Science from Midlands Technical College in 1979. She worked for a General Practitioner in Columbia, SC, for four years, then moved to Barnwell in 1981 and began working for a Father and Daughter team in Dentistry in Barnwell and worked for them for thirty-three years. She left the office after her boss retired and worked some temporary jobs. Jane says, “I was fortunate to begin working for Clemson Extension Service in 2016.”

Jane’s expertise is in communication with our customers and staff. She is a people person and loves the interaction that was had daily with the public and co-workers before the pandemic hit. I have enjoyed the Zoom meetings that we have now because it has been the one thing that has kept us all connected. She enjoys meeting our customers when they stop by the office and tries to help them in any possible way.

Jane says, “I love my job at Clemson Extension. I think my favorite part is the interaction with the public and with staff members daily.
Jane also loves learning new things from each of our agents. I always loved being able to attend our Secretary’s annual gathering every year.
She has not missed one until the association canceled the 2020 session due to COVID-19. She loves being able to attend a meeting with an agent to help in any way that she can. She to love helping plan an upcoming event and helping the agent with their needs to make sure that it runs smoothly.”

Jane has had many fun memories from the four and a half years that she has been with Extension. This story, however, was not one of those FUN memories. Jane defrosted the freezer on the office mini-refrigerator one day and decided that it was not defrosting fast enough. She took a knife and pushed it beneath the ice to see how thick it was. The knife hit something which caused the coolant to burst, and the vapor went everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!! It went all over Jane, the refrigerator, and the floor on the building’s front porch.

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