Michelle Altman – Rural Health and Nutrition Agent – Hampton County

March 18, 2021

Michelle Altman is a Rural Health and Nutrition agent with Hampton County Clemson Cooperative Extension. She has been with Clemson Extension for almost two years.
Michelle’s educational background and work history have prepared her well as a Rural Health and Nutrition agent. She has degrees from the Technical College of the Lowcountry, Columbia College, and the University of South Carolina. She is a registered nurse. Michelle worked in clinical settings, including the hospital, doctor’s office, and pharmaceutical drug trials. Later, she taught health science at the local high school to prepare students to become Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs). Her medical and educational background assists me as a Rural Health and Nutrition agent. In her role as a Rural Health and Nutrition agent, she works in several areas, including policy, systems, and environment (PSE). Her goal is to have a healthier Hampton County. Her overall plan is to navigate citizens to collaborate on a healthier Hampton County.
Michelle’s favorite part of the job is that she is a people person. She loves working with Hampton County citizens and showing them the multitude of ways Clemson Extension can assist them. No two days are the same in her job, which keeps her fresh and enthusiastic.
One of Michelle’s most memorable experiences was coordinating and participating in USDA’s Farmer to Families produce box distribution last summer. The distributions embodied what Clemson Extension does. There was an immediate need, and the summer program was brought to 3 sites throughout Hampton County. Everyone involved stepped up to ensure citizens would have access to fruits and vegetables during a global pandemic.

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