Nicole Correa – Area Livestock and Forages Agent – Lexington, Orangeburg, and Calhoun counties

March 19, 2021

Nicole Correa is the Area Livestock and Forages Agent for Lexington, Orangeburg, and Calhoun counties. She has been with Clemson Extension for six months now. She is from Hawai‘i.

Her educational background includes a Master of Science degree from the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa and a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University. Before joining the Clemson University team, Nicole has had various work experiences and has been in the agricultural and livestock industry for over 14 years. She recently worked as an Assistant Farm Manager, working with 13 different farmers managing their leases, providing information on scholarships/grants, and putting on workshops. She has assisted her family with their ranch in her personal life, which has horses, sheep, egg layers, and broilers.

Most of Nicole’s area of expertise is in livestock. She grew up with Quarter Horses, Spanish Goats, sheep, and chickens (both egg layers and broilers). Her M.S. research involved working with different breeds of beef cattle on various islands of the Hawaiian chain.

For her role with Clemson Extension, she does various tasks, including field visits, hosting/assisting with workshops/webinars, providing one-on-one emails and calls, and participating in community events. She enjoys field visits because it allows her to connect with individuals and give their particular situations the best advice. It helps her meet local farmers and ranchers in her community!

Nicole’s favorite part about the job with Extension is that no two days are the same. She can be on the computer one day and on two field visits the next. There is a good mix of administrative tasks and “on the ground” work.
The most memorable experience that Nicole has had thus far was her first field visit as an agent. The hay fields and cattle were gorgeous, and the owner even showed me his beautiful pond and newly built dam. It was a great day!

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