Marion Barnes – Senior County Extension Agent- Distinguished – Colleton & Hampton Counties

March 22, 2021

Marion Barnes is a Senior County Extension Agent- Distinguished. He started his Extension career on September 15, 1989. He graduated in 1979 from Clemson University with a B.S.Degree – Animal Science. Marion’s areas of expertise are Agronomic Row crops, Forages, Wildlife Food Plots, and Farm Safety. In his role with Clemson Extension, Marion provides programming in agronomic row crops, forages, livestock, wildlife food plots, and farm safety. He also serves as the Colleton County Pesticide Applicator Training coordinator. He currently serves as an adviser to the Low Country Cattlemen’s Association and a member of the South Carolina Farm Bureau Wildlife Advisory Committee and the South Carolina Wild Hog Task Force. For over 32 years, Marion has provided educational programs to farmers and landowners throughout the low country of South Carolina.

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