Be Well Informed Program

September 17, 2021

Be Well Informed is a program developed by a team of Water Resources agents that provides information to well owners about best management practices for maintaining their well and protecting the water source. Approximately 20% of South Carolina residents rely on wells to provide drinking water in their homes. The water that supplies the well is groundwater and the quality of the groundwater is dependent on the actions of everyone. This program introduces the participants to aquifers and how to protect the water pumped from them. The parts of the well are described, and some hands-on instructions are outlined to give the homeowner more knowledge about their system. Also, potential contaminants are listed, and water sampling schedules are recommended.

The program is intended to be an in-person event in which participants bring well-water samples to be screened for pH, total dissolved solids, nitrates, and the presence of bacteria. The presentation on groundwater and aquifers, well design and maintenance, water quality testing, and treating contaminants will be followed by a question-and-answer session explaining the water analysis. The mobile lab will travel to various locations to benefit stakeholders across the state. Due to COVID-19 the first two presentations were restricted to online webinars. The next event will have the lab set up at the Lexington County Extension Office, but participants will need to drop off samples and the presentation will still be online. For more information, please follow the link below.





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