South Carolina to Issue Handy New Card for Ag Sales Tax Exemptions

January 24, 2022

South Carolina to Issue Handy New Card for Ag Sales Tax Exemptions

SCATE Will Debut February 1, 2022

By Eva Moore, South Carolina Department of Agriculture

In 2022, the South Carolina Department of Agriculture is rolling out a handy new card for farmers to use for agricultural sales tax exemptions. South Carolina state law offers several sales tax exemptions for items used in agricultural production. For many years, farmers have had to fill out a paper form, the ST-8F, to receive these exemptions. But after April 1, 2022, farmers must instead show their SCATE (South Carolina Agricultural Tax Exemption) card to retailers to demonstrate they are eligible for these exemptions.

The program is similar to Georgia’s GATE card, but unlike in Georgia, South Carolina users do not need to meet a minimum farm income threshold to be eligible. It’s important to understand that state law is not changing. Farmers will still be able to receive the same exemptions as before. A SCATE card costs $24 and is good for three years.

You can apply for your SCATE card starting Feb. 1, 2022 using the online portal. You must apply and pay online; there is no paper application.

You’ll need the following information in order to apply:

  • Taxpayer ID Number – personal [SSN] or business [FEIN]
  • Valid email address
  • Credit card or bank account number

Questions about SCATE? Contact the South Carolina Department of Agriculture at or 803-734-2210. For questions specifically about tax exemptions, you can email the South Carolina Department of Revenue at You can also read the FAQs at

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