The Extension Helps Farmers Manage Rising Input Costs

February 1, 2022

Hannah Mikell, Agronomy Agent – Clarendon County

Farmers are looking forward to a fast-approaching corn planting season. Corn prices have been favorable for some time. However, farmers will have to use a pencil when preparing this year’s budget with rising input costs such as fuel, chemicals, and fertilizer. This summer and fall, Clemson Extension hosted meetings to help farmers manage their resources better in preparation for this spike in input cost. The Small Grain Meeting was informational when considering purchasing foundation seed, applying pesticide sprays, and managing cover crops. This past summer, Clemson Extension’s Agronomy team conducted workshops on pest scouting in cotton and soybeans. These workshops were instrumental in training new crop scouts and helped refresh our skills in scouting for diseases and insects. Clemson Extension has a host of skilled professionals at the farmer’s disposal to assist them with not only technical field questions but also from a budgeting aspect. As this growing season bears down on us, Clemson Extension looks forward to helping with all your farming needs.

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pest scouting in cotton and soybeans

Pest Scouting in Cotton and Soybeans


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