July 6, 2022

Jevencia Hill, Nutrition Educator – Allendale and Hampton County

Hampton County’s EFNEP has been on the stage in both Hampton and Allendale communities. One of our most impactful programming opportunities for this summer was with First Baptist Church which hosted the 2022 Camp Impact sessions for six weeks. Summer 2022 is the second year that EFNEP has collaborated with this community partner. Camp Impact is a grant-sponsored initiative. Grace Church of Greenville had church members coordinate, supervise, and operate the camp five days a week. EFNEP was able to assist with providing nutrition education lessons and food demonstrations for over 60 individuals. Camp impact participants increased their knowledge in accessing local food resources, sustaining nutritional meals at mealtimes, and implementing physical activity in their daily routine.

EFNEP also had the opportunity to work with Avery Thompson Jr Community Center, a local community center. The mission of this center included promoting healthy lifestyles and increasing longevity like the EFNEP’s mission.

The last spotlight of the summer is Girl Scout Troop 30089. Ann Long, the current troop leader, invited EFNEP to assist in badge promotion. Information sessions included:

  • Safety promotion.
  • Cultural exposure.
  • A sample bite of hummus dressed in pita and veggies.

Summer 2022 has been “absolutely amazing” I am elated by the support and participation we received this summer. I look forward to working with the local schools this upcoming school year.

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