4-H Distributes Tigertown Bound Yard Signs

July 7, 2022

Shannon B. Herndon, 4-H County Extension Agent

The Clemson Alumni Association distributes Tigertown Bound Yard signs to incoming first-year students before high school graduation ceremonies occur. The signs’ distribution locations are in metropolitan areas of South Carolina. Students in rural communities like Bamberg and Barnwell Counties find it challenging to receive a yard sign.

Clemson University received over 52,000 applications for the 2022-2023 academic year, up 12% from 2021. According to the 2021 first-year profile, over 4500 students enrolled out of the 23,000 students who were accepted represent 269 South Carolina High Schools. Over the past four years, six of the seven high schools in Bamberg and Barnwell Counties have sent students to Clemson University.

In 2019, Bamberg & Barnwell 4-H started distributing Tigertown Bound Yard signs to high school students planning to attend Clemson University in the fall through the local high school guidance counselors. Forty-seven Bamberg and Barnwell County students have received Tigertown Bound signs through the 4-H program since the program started distributing them in 2019. Over 70% of the students from these counties have participated in a 4-H program during their school-age years.

Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School Students

Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School Students planning to attend Clemson this fall are Wallis Rutland, Turner Davis, and Elaney Sanders.

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