Vegetable Growers in South Carolina Pickling Cucumbers

July 12, 2022

Phillip Carnley, Area Horticulture Agent – Orangeburg and Calhoun Counties

Vegetable growers in South Carolina are making pickling cucumbers a cash crop yet again. Many of the growers are new to commercial cucumber production. Being a “newer” crop, many growers experienced reduced crop yields and revenue due to difficulty managing pests, disease, and herbicide applications.

On February 8, 2022, area horticulture agents Rob Last and Phillip Carnley hosted a meeting in which 20 growers received training from Clemson University specialists in weed, insect, and disease management to offer knowledge and help to new growers.

Twenty growers attended the meeting, with 60% reporting they will change herbicide management strategies to reduce adverse impacts. Reducing overall damage from herbicides helps maintain crop yield and ensures crop integrity. In addition, 70% indicated they would adjust fungicide applications and choices to help preserve the efficacy of current products against resistance. Utilizing different fungicide chemistries not only protects active ingredient efficacy but can lead to an input cost saving of $30 per acre resulting in a more sustainable production system.

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