Attention Lowcountry Meat Producers!

July 14, 2022

Steve Richards, Director of SC Center for Cooperative and Enterprise Development

Livestock farmers have been struggling to find animal processing spots since before the COVID-19 pandemic. And while things have gotten marginally better, there are no easy answers on increasing meat processing capacity in South Carolina. That’s why we need to cooperate!

With the help of Cooperative Extension, two groups of farmers have formed to try and tackle this problem: The Lowcountry Meat Producers and the SC Beef Marketing Cooperative. These groups aim to address the lack of meat processing capacity and raise awareness of South Carolina meat products.

The SC Beef Marketing Cooperative has registered with the SC Secretary of State to market more South Carolina-raised beef. The Lowcountry Meat Producers represent the specific needs of the Lowcountry and include beef, pork, and chicken producers. This group looks into possible post-slaughter processing options and potential shared sales outlet opportunities.

Both cooperatives have open membership policies—any farmer that wishes to join is welcome. For those interested in joining the SC Beef Marketing Cooperative, please contact Gwen McPhail at Those interested in joining the Lowcountry Meat Producers, please contact Steve Richards at

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