4-H Is Growing Again!

October 10, 2022

Glenna Mason 4-H Youth Development, Orangeburg and Calhoun County

Since March 2020, when the world shut down, 4-H enrollment has faced a decline.  Many programs were conducted virtually during the pandemic, but enrollment numbers declined.

State Enrollment Data: (Approximately)

2018-2019            over 60,500 members

2019-2020            down to 40,500

2020-2021            down further to 40, 200

2021-2022            Currently back up to almost 60,000.

The new 4-H enrollment period just began September 1, 2022, and we are well on track to make this the highest enrollment in the past three years!  These numbers include youth in organized clubs, special interest programs, school enrichment, after-school programs, and individual members.

How did Orangeburg and Calhoun County do in 2021-2022?

Orangeburg County

38 Members in an Organized Club

346 Youth in School Enrichment Programs

Calhoun County

29 Members in an Organized Club

318 Youth in School Enrichment Programs

Not listed in these figures were summer programs.  Summer workshops included:

Food Preservation workshop – 10 youth

4H20 Day Camp – 13 youth

Cooking Like a Chef Day Camp – 16 youth

Healthy Lifestyles Day Camp – 18 youth

Lego Fun Day – 10 youth

Thank you for supporting the 4-H program.  You are helping to enrich and grow the lives of young people that will become our future leaders!

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