The South Carolina Home-Based Food Production Law

October 10, 2022

Samantha Houston-Food System and Safety Agent

The South Carolina Home-Based Food Production Law, more commonly known as the Cottage Food Law, allows our state residents to manufacture food items that are considered safe in their home kitchens for sale directly to consumers. This law was amended as of May 2022, providing exciting news for our local manufacturers. The most notable changes to the law allow for businesses operating under the law to sell their qualifying food products online and to retail stores, as well as expand the number of permitted food items. The law also has additional requirements for labeling food products sold in retail stores.

Clemson Extension is collaborating with SC Meat-Poultry Inspection Department (SCMPID), SC Department of Agriculture (SCDA), SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC), Carolina Farm Stewardship, SC Restaurant & Lodging Association, and SC Small Business Development Centers to create and maintain a Guidance Document for the law. This document includes lists of food items that are allowed and not allowed under the Cottage Law, guidance for food product labeling, and much more great information.

Clemson Extension has also created an email account to receive questions from the public regarding the Cottage Law. Residents can submit questions about the law or their food products to, and knowledgeable Clemson Extension Agents will provide unbiased, science-based answers. It is an exciting time for our resident food producers, and Clemson Extension wants to continue being a valuable resource to the public.

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