4-H Embryology Program

March 20, 2023

Meghan Barkley, 4-H Youth Development Agent

Across Beaufort County, students are participating in the 4-H embryology program.  Throughout this project, students maintain an incubator for approximately 21 days.  Students learn about the life cycle throughout the experience.  Students get to candle eggs and observe embryonic development.  Once the eggs hatch, students care for live chicks with the brooder staying at the school. The program teaches several life skills.  Students learn responsibility and animal husbandry by caring for live animals. 

They make observations, scientific predictions, and measurements and learn to communicate and work as a team.  We have had over 700 youths take part in this program this year in Beaufort County.  The chicks hatching is always a memorable experience for students.  It is a wonderful project for a child to participate in every Spring, and I always look forward to the new season. 

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