Savannah Valley District

Winter is Coming! Insulate Your Water Pipes!

Becky Davis, Savannah Valley Water Resources Agent Despite the recent unseasonal warm weather, it will get colder! Although only the most northern counties of South Carolina have monthly average temperatures below freezing. It only takes a few hours of temperatures below 25 degrees to cause pipes to freeze! So, now is the time to prepare! […]

City Manager Visits 4-H Club to Talk About Elections

Dawn Stuckey 4-H Youth Development Agent, Colleton, and Hampton Counties At the November Colleton County 4-H Club meeting, Jeff Molinari, Walterboro City Manager stopped by to talk about how elections are run in Colleton County. He discussed how precincts are established and why there are so many places for people to vote.  Having just elected […]

Colleton County 4-H Club Elects Officers for 2023 – 2024

Dawn Stuckey 4-H Youth Development Agent, Colleton, and Hampton Counties Fall brings lots of change for 4-H. We begin the new club year and make plans for our course of study. During the first few club meetings planning and improvements are discussed. Because 4-H is a student-led organization, students get to determine what they want […]

Palmetto Pony Volunteers at the Orangeburg County Fair

Dawn Stuckey 4-H Youth Development Agent, Colleton, and Hampton Counties Volunteer leader, Robin Barr and her club worked with the Orangeburg County Fair to care for the rabbits and chickens on display this year. The club traveled to the fairgrounds daily to assist with feeding and cleaning cages as part of their community service efforts. […]

Catching up with the Clover Fall 2023

Dawn Stuckey 4-H Youth Development Agent, Colleton, and Hampton Counties Colleton 4-H is in full swing!  We have three clubs returning this year, Colleton County 4-H Club, Blue Ribbon Riders 4-H Club, and Palmetto Pony 4-H Club. Our enrollment is up and our clubs are almost full.  To start the year, clubs edited and created […]

ATV Safety

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are typical on many farms and properties and are helpful for work, recreational use, and other modes of off-road transportation. However, ATVs continue to be a source of injuries and fatalities for youths as well as adult operators. According to the S.C. Department of Health and […]

Proper Hay Sampling Techniques

Written by Livestock and Forages Agents – Nicole Correa, Sallie Thompson, Marion Barnes, Travis Mitchell and Hillary Pope With the fall weather starting to peek through, it is essential to start considering making hay purchases for the winter season. With all the options available, how does one choose? There are multiple grass and legume options, […]

Woods in Your Backyard

Amanda Taylor, Forestry and Natural Resources Agent Introductory lecture by Amanda Taylor The word “woods” often evokes romantic images of vast forests, when really, you probably have some woods in your backyard. Your quarter acre of pine trees or pollinator garden may not be very big, but small landowners play a key role in the […]

Annual Savannah Valley 4-H Market Hog Sale & Awards Program

Meghan Barkley 4-H Youth Development Agent Ehrhardt, SC- Local 4-H members were rewarded for their dedication on Sunday, October 23rd at H&S Stockyards by participating in the annual Savannah Valley 4-H Market Hog Sale & Awards Program.  Participants sold a total of 10 animals with an average price of $1,081 per animal and a high-selling […]


Jacqueline Gallagher, Serving Colleton and Hampton Counties Welcome to Extension Services Jacqueline (Jackie) Gallagher is a native of Colleton County. After graduating from Walterboro High School, she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in History from Charleston Southern University, a Master of Arts in Teaching in Elementary Education from the College of Charleston, and a […]