Savannah Valley District

Picking Up the Pieces – Managing Livestock Pastures After a Severe Weather Event

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent- Clemson University Severe weather events like hurricanes and tropical storms remind us of how vulnerable we all are to weather events. Livestock producers are no exception. These events cause stress and problems for livestock as well as producers. When storms cause damage to personal property, dwellings, outbuildings, and other […]

Nuisance Wildlife Workshop

Rogan Gibson, Joe Varn, & Marion Barnes, County Extension Agents On August 8, 2023, a Nuisance Wildlife Workshop was held in Allendale County. Participants from Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Beaufort, Colleton, and Hampton Counties attended the meeting to learn about different techniques to control wild hogs and deer. Wild pigs are increasing in distribution and abundance […]

First Aid Kits for Farmers

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent As summer activities pick up on the farm, the likelihood of injuries also increases. Cutting, sprains, insect stings, and other everyday mishaps are standard on the farm. Emergency preparedness and first aid should be part of every farm’s standard operation plan. Due to the wide range of farm sizes […]

Irrigation – Never Too Late To Calibrate!

Becky Davis, Water Resources Agent- Savannah District Introduction – August in South Carolina may conjure up the start of school and football season, but there still may be hot, dry days in which your plants require additional water to yield the optimal benefits. Irrigation seems simple! Water plants the right amount at the right time. […]

The Clover Connection

Dawn Stuckey, 4-H Youth Development – Colleton, and Hampton Counties It’s time to start heading back to school! Do you know what that means? It’s time to start thinking about joining 4-H again. 4-H clubs will begin again in September. The 4-H club year coincides with the school year. Clubs start meeting in early September […]

Sun Safety: Tips for Staying Safe in the Sun

  Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent – Colleton & Hampton Agriculture relies on sunshine for growing and harvesting crops, raising healthy livestock, and providing adequate work conditions. However, the sun may be one of the biggest health hazards farmers and ranchers face. Farmers spend enormous amounts of time in the sun to get their […]

Eastern Tent Caterpillars Are on the Move

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent – Clemson University Spring has arrived in the low country; home gardeners are working in their gardens, azaleas, and dogwoods have been blooming for several weeks, and tent caterpillars are appearing on our trees’ foliage and shrubs. The eastern tent caterpillar, Malacosoma americanum, is a native pest of North […]

2023 Regional Production Meetings

Rogan Gibson & Joe Varn, Extension Agronomy Agents Agronomy Agents Joe Varn and Rogan Gibson hosted two production meetings in Allendale County before the 2023 growing season started. The production meeting intended to further all attendees’ knowledge about the specific crops based on research provided by Clemson Extension. On Thursday, February 23, 2023, approximately sixty […]

Managing Annual Clovers for Natural Reseeding In Wildlife Food Plots: Will it Work?

Marion Barnes, Clemson Extension Colleton, and Hampton Counties As the name suggests, annual clovers require planting each year or re-established depending on their reseeding ability. Natural reseeding is not without risk and is dependent on numerous environmental conditions. A clover variety’s reseeding potential depends on good stands, hard seed percentage and quality, browsing pressure in […]