South Carolina Soybean Rust Update – 8/7

August 7, 2023


07 August 2023

FROM:  Jonathan Croft, Clemson Extension Agronomic Agent, Joe Varn, Clemson Extension Agronomic Agent, Rogan Gibson, Clemson Extension Agronomic Agent, and Dr. John Mueller, Extension Soybean Pathologist, Edisto Research and Education Center.

At this time, Asian Soybean Rust has NOT been identified in South Carolina.

Samples were collected and examined from Allendale, Bamberg, Dorchester and Orangeburg Counties. Soybean growth stages ranged from early bloom to R5.4.

At this time, soybean rust has been detected in Alabama and Georgia, but locations are near the Georgia/Florida line and the Alabama/Florida line. The rust identified was on its alternate host, kudzu. Currently, soybean rust has not been identified on soybean in the US. 

If you think you have rust or other foliar diseases in a field, collect 25 to 50 of the leaves you are “suspicious” of.  Place them in a “ziplock” type bag.  Keep the bag out of direct sunlight and in a cool place if possible.  Do not allow it to freeze or get close to freezing.  Contact your local county agronomic agent for evaluation.