Operate an immersive, virtual press at INFOFLEX 2019

April 25, 2019

Are you headed to New Orleans for FTA’s FORUM 2019 and INFOFLEX trade show? Be sure to visit the Sonoco Institute and Clemson’s Graphic Communications department at booth 122 to operate a working, virtual press and learn more about Clemson’s contributions to print’s future workforce!

Step into a world where the typical rules of press operation do not apply. Immerse yourself in an interactive pressroom where you can remove the sides of the press, take a close look at its inner-workings, push buttons, pull levers and operate it without any real-world repercussions, like safety hazard and financial loss.

A snapshot of the virtual press

A snapshot of the virtual press.

Over the past year, the Sonoco Institute has been committed to designing a platform that will contribute greatly to workforce development in the printing industry. Can you imagine the positive impact of immersing high school and technical college students in a virtual print world, where they can learn, hands-on, about the ins and outs of printing in a safe and portable environment? And the platform can be brought directly to them in the classroom. VR provides a unique opportunity for industry promotion and in-the-field training. The options are “virtually” limitless!

The Sonoco Institute is seeking out partners for this initiative, which is a great opportunity to shine light on your company’s commitment to talent development. Visit booth 122 at INFOFLEX 2019 to demo an initial phase of the experience and talk to our representatives, or simply email Bobby Congdon, Sonoco Institute Assistant Director, at to learn more.

“Virtual reality offers some really unique opportunities for training and education, and we’re extremely excited to talk about these possibilities with INFOFLEX attendees this year,” said Congdon. “We’ve undertaken several large VR development projects over the last few years, and this one has me more enthusiastic than any of them.”

Congdon will also be co-chairing a session on Monday, May 6 at 8 a.m.  titled “The Defectives.” The Defectives are a group of experts in ink, plates, color and production who will be demonstrating common defects in flexographic printing.  Click here to learn more.

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