Online Summer Seminars – Advance Your Career – Research Foundations and Graduate School Admission Guidance  

May 15, 2020

Summer Seminars – Advance Your Career – Research Foundations and Graduate School Admission Guidance

Please contact Dr. Molly Kennedy if you have questions about any of the outlined opportunities. All are welcome to join – no previous experience is needed.

Faculty Contact: Dr. Molly Kennedy,


Applying to Medical/Dental or Business School

Are you interested in continuing on with your education after completing your engineering, computing or science undergraduate degrees?  We have the following virtual seminars open to help you explore how to apply.  Apply here:

June 15th at noon – Business School Application Process and Preparation (Guest Lecturer: Ms. Jennie LaMonte, Director of Scholar Development, College of Science)

June 17th at noon – Medical School Application Process and Preparation (Guest Lecturer: Ms. Harolynn Williams, Director of Health Professions Advising)

Skills and Best Practices for Conducting Research 

These seminars are for undergraduate students new to research or those trying to sharpen their research skills.  All levels welcome.  Apply here:

  • Finding research articles (Guest Lecturer: Jennifer Groff, Clemson University Libraries)
    • 18-May, Noon
  • Reading research articles and understanding the peer review process (Guest Lecturer: Dr. Sapna Sarupria, Dept. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
    • 20-May, Noon
  • Disseminating research at conferences or seminars (Guest Lecturer: Dr. Ulf Schiller, Materials Science and Engineering)
    • 22-May, Noon
  • Technical writing (Guest Lecturer: Dr. Hugo Sanabria, Dept Physics and Astronomy)
    • 27-May, Noon


STEM Degrees and Graduate School

If you are thinking about pursuing graduate programs (MS or PhD) in a STEM field, these seminars will help you prepare.  Apply here:

  • Pursuing an advanced degree in a STEM field (Guest Lecturer: Dr. Scott Mason, Industrial Engineering Dept.)
    • 1-June, noon
  • Paying for graduate school (Guest Lecturer(s): (Guest Lecturer: Dr. Marian Kennedy, Dept. Materials Science and Engineering)
    • 3-June, noon
  • Applying for a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (Guest Lecturer: Ms. Robyn Curtis, Office of Major Fellowships)
    • 8-June, noon
  • Importance of inclusion and diversity within research (Guest Lecturer: Dr. Melissa Smith, Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    • 10-June, noon


Research and Grad School Informational Sessions

Students will learn about how to apply to graduate school, research opportunities, talk to current Clemson graduate students and faculty.  These 1.5 hr sessions are hosted by the CECAS Director for Graduate Recruitment & Inclusion and you can register here: