Undergraduate Research Opportunities in the Nanoscale Electronics and Sensors Lab

February 26, 2020

Undergraduate Research Opportunities
Nanoscale Electronics and Sensors Laboratory


Multiple undergraduate research positions are available immediately in the Nanoscale Electronics and Sensors Laboratory (NESL, located at the Advanced Materials Research Center) for students interested in undergraduate research. The positions are available immediately, and can cover a duration of multiple semesters. One research project will involve developing a mobile sensor system for monitoring environmental pollutants in collaboration with the Greenville Health System. Electrical or Computer Engineering majors are preferred, but other majors with relevant experience may be considered. Another project involves setting up test bed for cell culture and cellular sensing, which may be of interest to  Bioengineering majors.

A GPA of 3.5 and higher is preferred, however, students with a lower GPA and strong prior experience in electronic materials, bio-materials, electronic designs, IOT systems, PCB design, microcontrollers or sensors research will also be considered.

Interested students should email their resume including prior experience directly to Dr. Goutam Koley at

More information about research activities at NESL: