Amelia Evatt


Name: Amelia Evatt

Hometown: Seneca, South Carolina

Major: Accounting      Minor: Spanish

Favorite place for lunch on campus or in town: Esso

Favorite spot on campus: Trustee Park; I love walking through it in between classes, especially in the fall when all the leaves are changing colors on the trees!

Favorite question on a tour: “Why did you pick Clemson being that you are so close to home?” My Clemson experience has been more than I could have ever imagined since I have become a student. I ultimately do not feel like I am that close to home because of all of the opportunities for involvement and finding your college community at Clemson, it becomes its own little world! Being surrounded by those who all love Clemson and want to leave a lasting impact here makes Clemson so much more than just a college, it makes your college experience become a lifetime commitment once you are done here!

Clubs and Organizations you are involved in on campus: Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, IPTAY Collegiate Club, and CUGA 😊

Hobbies: Walking around campus with my friends, going to coffee shops, working out at fike, and of course, watching all Clemson sports!

Advice for jumping into college life: Meet as many people as possible! Do not be afraid to reach out to people, because you are all in the same boat trying to navigate your first year of college and start creating a great college experience. Making friends and building relationships will elevate your college life and you will be making lifelong friends!

Advice on how to choose a college: Lean into all the things that are important to you! This could be anything including what majors or programs the school offers, whether you want to be in a college town or a city, if you want to go to a school with sports, etc. Lean into all of your options that have opportunities for you to grow in the things that are important to you.

Fun fact about yourself: I danced and sang in choirs growing up, and a few years ago, I did a workshop with the Broadway cast of the Lion King in New York City!