Anne Horton









Name: Anne Horton

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

Major: Marketing

Favorite place for lunch: Groucho’s Deli

Favorite spot on campus: The Horseshoe! I lived in Manning Hall freshman year and Barnett Hall sophomore year with some of my closest friends and had the best time with the best memories!

Favorite question on a tour: How is the roommate finding process here at Clemson? Amazing!!! My freshman year roommate and I are now living with each other for the rest of college and she’s also a tour guide as well. The people here at Clemson are incredible!

Clubs and organizations: Student Alumni Council, Sales Innovation Program, ADPi, the Honors College, and Tour Guides

Hobbies: I love painting/collaging, hanging out with my friends and family, and playing with my dog Natty!

Advice for jumping into college life: Get involved in an organization as soon as possible! Even if you have to start your own club like I did freshman year, I highly recommend getting plugged in early on- this really helps you build connections and make those friendships that will last you all the way throughout your college experience.

Fun fact: I’m a fourth generation Clemson legacy! My parents, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers all went to Clemson!