Annelise Dubrouillet


Name: Annelise Dubrouillet

Hometown: Clover, South Carolina

Majors: Economics B.S. & Marketing B.S.

Favorite place for lunch on campus or in town: Garlic parm wings at Backstreets!

Favorite question on a tour: “Does Clemson feel like a big school?” With 20,000 students, Clemson is a large-to-mid-sized university, but it can have a small-school feel! Being from a small town, my brother always said he liked Clemson because it was so big! He could walk across campus and not see anyone he knows. I have the opposite experience! I like Clemson because it feels so small! I’m very involved so I always see 2-3 familiar faces when I walk to class. Depending on your involvement, you can make your corner of Clemson as big or as small as you want!

Clubs and Organizations you are involved in on campus: Delta Sigma Pi- the professional business fraternity! I recommend this organization to all business majors! Not only will you develop professional skills like interviewing, formatting resumes, and writing cover letters, but you also surround yourself with the most well-rounded and driven students in the college of business!

Hobbies: Dance, learning to play golf, flying with my dad, and giving tours!

Advice for jumping into college life: Get involved deeply in fewer organizations rather than spreading yourself too thin and joining too many groups.

Advice on how to choose a college: I never went on college tours but I was drawn to Clemson because of my family history and college football! I stay at Clemson for the genuine people, exceptional education, and unmatched school spirit! Go to a school that you’re PROUD of!

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