Caitlin Fisher

Name: Caitlin Fisher

Hometown: Tinton Falls, New Jersey

Major: Political Science

Favorite place for lunch (on campus or in town): Forever and always Loose Change – it’s the restaurant that I ate at when I first visited Clemson!

Favorite spot on campus: The Scroll of Honor – it’s located right next to the football stadium and is a spot on campus where we get to remember and honor the Clemson alumni who gave their lives in service to our country. 

Favorite question on a tour: I was once asked if Clemson students actually take classes and study – the answer is yes! First and foremost, we’re all here to get a degree.

Clubs and Organizations you are involved in on campus: Army ROTC, Pershing Rifles, Greek Life

Hobbies: painting, photography, cooking, baking, & watching movies and TV shows

Advice for jumping into college life: Separate your study and homework space and your hang out space – don’t watch Neflix and nap in the library and don’t do homework in your room. I promise, it does wonders for your time management skills!

Advice on how to choose a college: Trust your gut and keep an open mind!! I applied to 16 schools and didn’t give most of them a fair shot because of something I assumed rather than just keeping an open mind and learning about the college.

Favorite Clemson Tradition: When the football team runs down the hill at the beginning of the game! It’s the craziest minute but the energy and feeling in the stadium is unlike anything else!

Fun fact about yourself: I don’t have a sense of smell, never have!

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