Caroline Dittner


Name: Caroline Dittner

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Major: Biological Sciences

Favorite lunch spot: Evolve

Favorite place on campus: Core Starbucks! I love meeting for coffee and you’re always guaranteed to run into someone you know sitting outside of the Starbucks!

Favorite question: Why do so many people wear Clemson merch around campus? Everyone that goes to Clemson is obsessed with it and makes sure to show it every day!

Involved in: Tri Delta, Volunteers for Clemson Life, Undergraduate Pediatric Society, Pre-Occupational Therapy Club, CUGA

Hobbies: Going on long walks, reading, and going out to eat.

Advice for jumping in: Never be afraid to reach out to people. Say “hello” to everyone you pass and make an effort to meet new people and make connections.

How to choose a college: Find a place where you feel comfortable but not too comfortable that you will not be able to grow into the best version of yourself. College is a time for growth so choose a place that will force you a little outside of your comfort zone.

Fun fact: I am a fourth-generation tiger in my family!