Caroline Ross


Name: Caroline Ross

Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee

Major: Chemical Engineering, Biomolecular Engineering Concentration

Favorite place for lunch on campus or in town: Evolve

Favorite spot on campus: Core Starbucks

Favorite question on a tour: How do you walk up all these hills? (Because we want those Clemson calves!)

Clubs and Organizations you are involved in on campus: Greek Life, Order of Omega, AICHE

Hobbies: Running, drawing, snowboarding, eating at new restaurants, walking the dikes

Advice for jumping into college life: Meet people! Everyone is trying to make new friends, so do not be afraid to chat with strangers because they can soon become your best friend.

Advice on how to choose a college: Listen to what YOU want. Do not go with what everyone else is doing or what your parents wants you to do. Choose YOU.

Fun fact about yourself: I have been to China and gotten to hug a baby panda!

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